Since I'm supposed to be studying... but it's hard getting back into the groove, I've decided to post a random event that happened in my life. I think I'll do these more often.

One day, while working at my Baskin Robbins store, two middle aged women came into the store. They were looking for a cake. After a quick moment at the cake display freezer, they emerged with a small chocolate ice cream cake. They came up to me while giggling and I asked them what they wanted written on it. The red head said, "I want Happy Divorce Mary Anne written on it", while the white haired lady was laughing out loud. I was a little shocked. I think my mouth was gaping as I tried to take in what she just said. I then responded with, "Well, not every day do I get to write that on a cake!" They both bursted out laughing and the red head told me, "You better get used to it, because you know, these things are happening more and more frequently." I then wrote "Happy Divorce Mary Anne" on the cake but added an exclamation mark. I then showed them the cake, and they left the store laughing like 2 crazy Hyenas.

That definitely made my day!

What do you think of AP's Melty Chocolate?

So, I have a question. What do you think of Melty Chocolate? I know 2 people who've told me their thoughts, they both didn't hate it, but didn't like it at the same time either.

I checked daily lolita, but maybe I haven't looked far enough, but I only saw 1 person taking pictures while wearing that print. Is it really THAT unpopular or did all the lolitas buy it who are not apart of the community?

I am currently waiting on my melty chocolate I purchased at the end of Sept. The shipping from AP to the central AP store is taking a long time. I got my first invoice, but I purchased other items one day after and haven't gotten my 2nd invoice yet. I mean, don't get me wrong, I definitely need the time to rally up more money for my next invoice + shipping, but now I'm wondering how long it's going to take to receive my dress overall. (Probably by the time nobody cares about that print anymore and I wouldn't be able to sell it for the same price I got it if it didn't fit!!) Maybe I should have gotten the Vampire Requiem print instead, that way I would have gotten it much sooner and worry a lot less.

I'm hoping it's not too loose in the chest... we'll see what happens.


I normally get my haircut in China town, SF, but since I haven't been to SF lately, I had decided to get my haircut else where close to my work place or home. I remember there was a hair salon in the back of my work place and I decided to yelp them and saw some great reviews.

When I first walked into Excellent Hair Salon, I asked the lady at the front counter what the prices were for a haircut. She stood up, walked around me while touching/feeling my hair and decided she would charge me $25. I agreed, although hesitantly because I normally get my haircut in SF for $17.

Well she gave my hair a quick rinse, so that my hair was wet, and then she chopped away at it. I asked her not to cut my hair too short because I was growing it out. She then asked me if I wanted long or short layers, and I told her long. I didn't know what she meant by long or short by the way, and I ended up with like no layers at all. She then asked what kind of bangs did I want. I told her I wanted a fringe, although normally my barber (Is that what you call a guy hairstylist?) cuts my bangs into a fake fringe and then it grows out into side bangs. I didn't know if she could do this or not, so I felt safe with just a fringe. Well, big mistake. I ended up getting a really choppy and slanted fringe. I told her my fringe was longer on one side and she asked me if I wanted it shorter. I told her yes and that I wanted my bangs to curve down on the sides instead of just being straight across.

Kind of like this...

I'm sure she did the best she could, but I felt like crying. (I used to think the girls who cry after they got a bad haircut needed to suck it up, but now I totally understand because it finally happened to me.)

When she was about to remove my apron, I was fussing with my bangs and said, "Oh shit" under my breath and I'm not sure if it really happened, but my eyes might have been a little bit watery. (I was really holding it back because I didn't want to embarrass her or myself.) The salon owner must had noticed my uncomfortableness or how bad my bangs were since she came by and decided she would help "fix" the problem while the lady who originally cut my hair told her in Vietnamese that I was being really picky about it. (She didn't know I could understand some Vietnamese.)

Anyway, in the end, I still ended up with a slanted fringe, with some shorter pieces in the middle.

Kind of like this...

I think I should go back and ask them to fix it for free because it was definitely not worth my $25 + tip. WHY DID I GIVE THEM TIP AGAIN? I don't know, I guess I honestly felt bad for the lady too.

BTSSB Grand Opening

I did managed to eventually get there, just in time for them to run out of tickets, like... 3 hrs ago. Although I didn't mind at all, I unfortunately had to wait in a huge line which stretched for a few blocks and around a building. Luckily, the line was actually not that long. It looked very long to the eye, but the wait was actually only 20-30 minutes. As I stood in line, I was blessed enough to see the Black Peace Now fashion show, which started right as I got in line and ended as I got into the building.

I got into the building and the first thing I saw was a small cafe to the right and what looked to be a miscellaneous shop in front of me. I took a few steps forward into the miscellaneous shop, but only to turn back and headed straight for the stairs. I took a quick look around after I got into the 2nd floor and the first thing I saw was a huge line with a bunch of ruffle butts holding all sorts of Baby clothing right in front of me. I was a little confused with the layout because the 2nd floor consisted of 3 shops in one. Directly front/right of me I saw a display of hot pink and white bags with stars on them and some more brightly colored accessories. At the very end of the right side was obviously Black Peace Now with all their shelves packed with clothing in solid black with minimal splashes of white here and there. As I walked back towards the left side of the entrance, I went into a red gate and found a carousel and very brightly colored accessories displayed on tables, without a doubt it was 6%dokidoki, but not what I was looking for. Where was Baby?
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Black purse?

Anyone have a black purse or black shoes size M that would go well with a classic lolita look? Or know where I can find one... that can be shipped sometime soon? Or a store somewhere? XD


Outfit so far for the BTSSB opening.

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